Looking for the next beautiful dream?

Time2Dream designs and creates solutions for proper rest and relaxation, but the mission is something more. A soft ergonomic embrace for all those who choose us every day as a partner in your beautiful dreams.

A guarantee of perfection

Time2Dream is a story of innovation, development, research and constant quality control. Since our beginning, we have worked by combining a cutting-edge research department with a fast, efficient and always up-to-date manufacturing process.

The result? Comfortable cutting-edge, eternal mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers, to pamper your sleep. All complemented by quality excellency and 100% Made in Italy design.




memory foam





At the heart of the brand stands the mission of 2D, our unique mattress concept. We differentiate between the two dimensions of sleep: Daily Relaxation, Nightly Rest.

When you choose to create a support for the perfect sleep, you usually only think about sleep during the night. Thousands of mattresses are perfect for lulling you to sleep, but what about afternoon rest? The short breaks to rest after lunch, or before an activity? Time2Dream has chosen to consider all the dimensions of sleep, no matter when or where.

Strictly Made in Italy products, created to adapt to nocturnal needs and more. Two dimensions, 100% perfect sleep.

Everything you need to perfect sleep

A complete range of products, that offers functionality while abiding to Time2Dream’s philosophy for anyone who uses them.




All Time2Dream products are manufactured in Italy with carefully selected raw materials, following both tradition and innovation in the creative process.

In addition, our facilities and practices allow us to work in while respecting our planet, following a production process with as little impact as possible.

We enhance your dreams, starting from the bottom: a nice mattress, a comfortable pillow.

Time2Dream: two dimensions for 100% comfortable sleep.


Having a positive impact on society and on people’s well-being is no small task. At Time2Dream we have chosen to work with this in mind, with this mission in front of us and following this purpose exclusively.

This is why we have chosen to create high quality mattresses, pillows and mattress toppers, to give those who choose to sleep with our support, giving you a comfortable rest, with maximum relaxation and in compliance with the best production practices. Obviously, a 2-Dimensional rest.

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